Websphere MQ160 - Wbsph MQ System Administration (iseries)

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  • Buenos aires
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    3 Días

Plan the implementation of WebSphere MQ on an iSeries Install WebSphere MQ Perform simple customization and administration tasks Enable a queue manager to exchange messages with another Enable a queue manager to support an WebSphere MQ client Implement basic restart and recovery procedures Perform basic problem determination. Dirigido administrators responsible for WebSphere MQ on an iSeries platform

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Buenos Aires
Buenos Aires, Argentina
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· Requisitos

You should complete: Technical Intro to WebSphere MQ (MQ010) (classroom) or IBM WebSphere MQ Essentials Curriculum (e-Learning) (T14A1) or have equivalent experience working with WebSphere MQ. You should also be familiar with iSeries and Windows 2000.


This course provides the basic skills required by an administrator for an iSeries queue manager on WebSphere MQ for iSeries V6.0. The course does not apply to the WebSphere MQ for z/OS or WebSphere MQ for Windows and UNIX queue managers.
Course outline
Review of WebSphere MQ
Installation and configuration
Message Queue Interface (MQI) and triggering
Robust messaging
Distributed queue management
Distributed queuing
This course helps you prepare for:
IBM Certification Test 994: IBM Certified System Administrator - WebSphere MQ V6.0
IBM Certification Test 996: IBM Certified Solution Designer - WebSphere MQ V6.0

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