TMX02 - IBM Tivoli Storage Manager 5.5 Implementation & Administration for AIX

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  • Buenos aires
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    5 Días

Describe the features of IBM Tivoli Storage Manager. Install IBM Tivoli Storage Manager server and backup-archive client. Navigate the administrative interfaces. Explain the concepts of attaching a tape library and preparing media. Create and manage storage pools and storage pool volumes. Define policy management to meet business requirements. Customize the IBM Tivoli Storage Manager database and recovery log. Configure the backup-archive client. Backup, restore, archive, and retrieve client data. Protect the IBM Tivoli Storage Manager database and storage pools.
Dirigido a: This is a basic course for system administrators and implementers who will be responsible for implementing an IBM Tivoli Storage Manager 5.5 solution

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· Requisitos

You should be familiar with AIX System Administration. This course should be followed by course Tivoli Storage Manager 5.5 Advanced Administration (TM522), Tuning, and Troubleshooting.


Day 1:
IBM Tivoli Storage Manager Overview (1 hour; no lab exercises)
Installing IBM Tivoli Storage Manager Server and Client (2 hours; 8 lab exercises)
Administrative Interfaces and Privileges (3 hours; 16 lab exercises)
Day 2:
Storage Media Devices Introduction (1 hour; no lab exercises)
Managing Storage Pools and Storage Pool Volumes (3 hours; 11 lab exercises)
Policy Management (2 hours; 6 lab exercises)
Day 3:
Customizing the Tivoli Storage Manager Database and Recovery Log (2.5 hours; 12 lab exercises)
Client Configuration (3.5 hours; 15 lab exercises)
Day 4:
Backup-Archive Client Functions (3 hours; 21 lab exercises)
Protecting the Database and Storage Pools (3 hours; 7 lab exercises)
Day 5:
Automating Operations (2 hours; 13 lab exercises)
Monitoring and Event Logging (1.5 hour; 2 lab exercises)
Additional Product Information (1 hour; no lab exercises)
Problem Determination (1 hour; no lab exercises)

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