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Review your call or contact centre to:

Increase customer satisfaction
Increase productivity
Reduce costs

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As a result of this assessment senior management will have:

A full assessment of how to develop the call centre to fully meet the company vision, customer service and customer care objectives, including whether to outsource or meet resource needs inhouse.
A consensus of the current issues influencing the call centre operation and their implications for customers and the business
Clear recommendations on how to improve in all key areas including actions to be carried out by dancing lion, by your company personnel, and your company with external assistance.


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Operations Management
Call Centre
Customer Care
Coaching Skills
Customer Service
Sales Strategy
Communication Skills
Organizational Skills
Time management
Quality Testing
Communication Training
Call Handling
Communication Journalism


Usability Assessment

Ease of usability is essential in a call and contact centre, if customers are to receive excellent service. We will find out how the agents, supervisors, managers and board of directors find the call centre to work with. For example, What are the issues effecting customer service? Is the technology unfriendly? How can it be improved? What are the issues that may be causing staff to leave or underperform? Do staff feel they are developing their skills? Can trainers assess performance? What prevents managers from managing or concerns directors who may be unable to confidently comment on the status of the business to the media or the government. How can these issues be resolved quickly and efficiently?

Financial Assessment

Would another structure or operating model be more suitable? Are untrained staff costing the business customers, or poor performance resulting in lost sales, fines, or a tarnished company image? Are working practices or outdated technology costing the business unnecessary expense in support? Would changes offer an option to reduce real costs? Is a combination of factors contributing to seemingly unrelated costs for the business, such as staff recruitment?