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Become a Professional Wedding Planner Today! If you love the excitement and glamour of a wedding and you have the ability to book a car, choose a cake and to know what flowers look good, you are well on your way to becoming a wedding planner, Take your knowledge to the next level with the Professional Wedding Planner Online Course. Or maybe, you are planning on getting married and want to learn how to plan your own wedding and save thousands of dollars; now you can with our Professional Wedding Planning course. This Wedding Planning Online Course takes you step by step through everything you need to know, to get you up and running as quickly as possible, including all the things that you must address, the timings involved and interviews with all the top suppliers in the wedding planning industry. With our Become a Professional Wedding Planner Online Course we teach you the following: Comprehensive online videos that go over the whole wedding planning process Interviews with leading suppliers that show you what to do and what not to do Learn how to negotiate with suppliers Your own 60 point planner and instructions on how to use it Steps on how to plan the timing of the wedding 6 rules to remember when ordering flowers The 5 most important rules to remember when booking a reception 7 secrets to getting the right wedding cars See how a photographer can trick you Learn how to save hundreds on your bar tab 5 rules to booking a DJ The 4 rules for booking a honeymoon We take you through every facet that you need to know with interviews with a minister, a photographer, make-up artist, DJ, florist, reception hall and more. If you are a complete and utter beginner, a mum during school working hours, you need a job, you need a new career or you want to work part-time, wedding planning is absolutely for you! Why Wedding Planning? The secret is low start-up cost; all you need is a computer or telephone. ...

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Requisitos: Entry requirements Students must have basic literacy and numeracy skills. Minimum education Open entry. Previous schooling and academic achievements are not required for entry into this course. Computer requirements Students will need access to a computer and the internet. Minimum specifications for the computer are: Windows: Microsoft Windows XP, or later ...


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Wedding Planning


Unit 1 Overview Of Wedding Planning

  • Wedding planning theory
  • Styles of weddings
  • Types of weddings
  • Legal obligations for getting married
  • Bridal couture covering styles of dresses
  • We look at booking times
  • How to juggle high quality with affordability
  • Inspiration for new designs
  • Setting wedding dress budgets
  • Wedding dress accessories
  • Tips on ordering a wedding dress

Unit 2 Responsibilities

  • The responsibilities of the wedding
  • What the bride’s parents are responsible for
  • How to work all the responsibilities out
  • We also look at wedding make up
  • Advice on booking make up
  • Trial make up
  • Picking a professional make up artist
  • Working out the make up schedule on the wedding day

Unit 3 Wedding Traditions

  • Traditions of weddings
  • The symbolism of the white dress, veil, shoes and more
  • We also look at wedding cakes
  • Learn how to pick a good wedding cake
  • When to book a wedding cake
  • Designs of the wedding cake,t
  • Tials of cake tasting and different flavours
  • How much the wedding cake will cost and the difference between a budget cake and a prestigious cake.

Unit 4 Wedding Budgets & Receptions & Your Portfolio

  • Wedding budgets and where to spend your money
  • Food and beverage budgets
  • Entertainment budgets,
  • Making a portfolio for business partners.
  • You will also learn about the reception house
  • When to book the reception
  • Avice on accommodation for guests of the wedding
  • Photo areas for the wedding
  • Reception house package.
  • Download Budget PDF included

Unit 5 Wedding Timing

  • Timing of the wedding planning from 6-12 months ahead to wedding day
  • You will learn how to schedule every activity of the wedding
  • How to make a run sheet for the wedding day
  • We look at florist as well
  • Booking a florist
  • Advice on budgets of a florist
  • Seasonal flowers for weddings
  • Tips on how to take care of the flowers on the day

Unit 6 The Wedding Planner

  • Learn how to plan all the activities of a wedding
  • How to plan or book Hens nights
  • Bridal shower, ceremony and reception venues,
  • Weddings musicians,
  • Book the wedding dress
  • Wedding rings
  • Passports and honey moon
  • We also cover wedding music
  • When to book wedding musicians
  • Wedding music packages
  • Wedding music budgets
  • Why to pick a professional over a casual band.
  • Includes a Wedding Planner download PDF

Unit 7 Wedding Tips

  • Here we look at wedding tips
  • Your reputation
  • Staff meals
  • Wedding contracts
  • Payments to services
  • How to charge your services
  • What to put in a bridal emergency kit
  • Look at how to pick a wedding photographer
  • Learn about different styles of photo shoots
  • When to book a wedding photographer
  • When the bride and groom will receive their wedding photos.

Unit 8 Church Minister

  • In this module we cover an interview with a church minister
  • Who can get married in a church?
  • The rules of being married in a church
  • Booking a church and a minister
  • Legal requirements of marriage
  • Choosing the vows
  • Order of service
  • Ceremony rehearsals and setting up the church.

Unit 9 Business & Marketing

  • How to market yourself
  • Developing a 60 second sales pitch for your business
  • Make a memorable business card
  • Creating strategic alliances
  • How to evaluate your competition
  • How to set your goals
  • Learn how to set up your business and name it
  • Making a website for your business for brides and grooms to see your services and portfolio.

Unit 10 Hair Stylist, Stylist & Wedding Cars

  • Bridal hair stylist
  • How to book the hair dresser
  • Advice on the trial and when to book one
  • What hair style the bride should have
  • Hair accessories like flowers and veils
  • Going to the salon or getting the hair dresser to go to the bride
  • We also cover wedding styling
  • How to pick a theme for the wedding
  • Styling the ceremony to the reception
  • When to book a wedding stylist and how to communicate the stylist with other services
  • We also look at wedding cars and when to book
  • Advice on picking a wedding car company and choosing a wedding car package.