Advanced Budgeting for Business Enhancement

HRODC Postgraduate Training Institute
En Central London (Inglaterra), Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates (Emiratos Árabes Unidos), Abuja, Nigeria (Nigeria) y 47 sedes más

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By the conclusion of the specified learning and development activities, delegates will be able to: Demonstrate an understanding of 'cost' as a feature of organisations. Display a heightened understanding of 'cost' as a control mechanism. Exhibit a high level of understanding of cost information generation. Illustrate how cost information can be effectively retrieved, analysed and utilised for organisational effectiveness.
Suitable for: This course is designed for: Managers with direct financial responsibilities. Cost and management accountant. Financial planners and cost analysts. Senior managers who supervise people with financial responsibilities. Financial and budget controllers who are moving to wider responsibilities. Managers who need to know more about business planning, budgeting, costing terms and techniques.

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Requisitos: Degree or Work Experience


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Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
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Abuja, Nigeria
Cadastral Zone A0, Central Business District, Abuja, 7069, Nigeria, Nigeria
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Capital Budgeting
Financial Training
IT Development
IT Management
Cost Management
Cost Variability


Course Contents, Concepts and Issues:

Introduction to Cost, Cost Information and Review of Key Cost Concepts

  • An Introduction to Cost Terms and Usage
  • Review of Some Key Cost Concepts
  • Cost Information
  • Cost Information Generation
  • Cost Information Retrieval
  • Cost Information Processing
  • Cost Information Analysis and Interpretation
  • Using Cost Information to Enhance Organisational Effectiveness
  • Costing As an ‘Operational Control Mechanism’

Different Approaches to Costing

  • Absorption (Full) vs. Variable costing
  • Cost Variability
  • Mixed Costs
  • Labor-Based Fixed Costs
  • Cost Based Purchase Quantities
  • Cost Based On Production Batch Sizing
  • Cost Based On Step Costs
  • Time-Based Cost
  • Experienced-Based Cost
  • Incorporating Cost Variability into Reports
  • Under-Costing and Over-Costing: The Consequences for Profitability
  • How to Refine a Costing System?
  • Activity-Based Costing (ABC) and Cost-Management
  • Activity Centres
  • Cost Hierarchy and Cost Drivers
  • Cost Centres
  • Responsibility Centres
  • Revenue Centres
  • Linking Resources, Activities and Management
  • Introducing Activity-Based Management (ABM)
  • Linkages between ABM and ABC – Monitoring Value Creation
  • Problems, Case Study and Examples

Introduction to Budgeting

  • Budgeting, Overview
  • Capital Budgeting
  • The Command and Control System
  • The Budget System
  • Operating Decisions Affecting the Systems of Budgets
  • Budget Iterations
  • Budgeting Scenarios
  • The Revenue Budget
  • Introduction
  • The Detailed Revenue Budget
  • Responsibility for Revenue Information
  • Sources of Revenue Information
  • The Effect of Pacing On the Revenue Budget
  • Variability of the Revenue Budget

Different Kinds of Budget and Approaches to Budgeting

  • The Ending Finished Goods Inventory Budget
  • Production Budget
  • The Direct Materials Budget
  • The Direct Labour Budget
  • The Manufacturing Overhead Budget
  • The Costs of Goods Sold Budget
  • Research and Development Budget
  • The Administration Budget
  • The Capital Budget
  • The Compensation Budget
  • Master Budget
  • Flexible Budgeting
  • Fixed and Flexed Budget (Static and Flexible Budget)
  • The Rolling Forecast
  • Policy, Planning And Budgeting System (PPBS)
  • Zero-Base Budgeting
  • Activity Based Budgeting

Budgeting Procedures, Efficiencies, Report and Control

  • Budgeting Procedures
  • Formulation of the Budget
  • Issue Budget Variance Reports
  • Subsequent Account Changes
  • Budgeting Efficiencies
  • Budget Model Efficiencies
  • Participative Budgeting
  • Budgeting Report
  • General Reporting Format
  • Revenue Reporting
  • Overview of the Cost of Goods Sold Variance Reporting
  • The Purchase Price Variance
  • Material Yield Variance
  • Labor Rate Variance
  • Labor Efficiency Variance
  • Variable Overhead Spending Variance
  • Variable Overhead Efficiency Variance
  • Foxed Overhead Spending Variance
  • Problems with Variance Analysis
  • Reportable Variances
  • How Variances Are Reported
  • Budgeting Controls
  • Budget Creation Controls