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Part/Disc 2 The following course, offered by Career vision, will help you improve your skills and achieve your professional goals. During the program you will study different subjects which are deemed to be useful for those who want to enhance their professional career. Sign up for more information!

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Database training
Microsoft Access


Microsoft Access 2007 Essentials Training Course Introduction Explore the endless capabilities of Access 2007. These lessons, begin with a solid introduction of Access and cover topics such as defining a database, knowing when to use Access, working with database objects, and converting older databases. Once you're up to speed on the intricacies of Access, we walk you through step-by-step procedures on how to construct your table structures, create and adapt meaningful data entry forms, as well as share tracked information with others through reports.

Course Details
  • Length of Subscription: 12 Months Online On-Demand Access
  • Running Time: 6.6 Hours
  • Platform: Windows and MAC OS
  • Level: Beginner to Intermediate
  • Project Files: Included

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Course Outline
Chapter 1: INTRODUCING ACCESS 2007 (17 min)
  1. Defning a Database
  2. Knowing When to Use Access™
  3. Working with Database Objects
  4. Converting Older Databases
  1. Exploring the Getting Started Screen
  2. Opening a Microsoft Template
  3. Using the Navigation Pane
  4. Using the Home Tab, Part 1
  5. Using the Home Tab, Part 2
  6. Using the Create Tab
  7. Using the External Data Tab
  8. Using the Database Tools Tab
  9. Using the Office Menu
  10. Explaining the Access Options
  11. Using the Quick Access Toolbar
  12. Adding Custom Commands to the Quick Access Toolbar
  13. Using the Help Menu
  14. Understanding the Message Bar
  15. Creating Trusted Locations
  16. Working in the Object Window
  1. Displaying Categories
  2. Showing Views
  3. Sorting the Objects
  4. Searching for Objects
  5. Collapsing Groups
  6. Creating Custom Groups
  7. Adding Object Shortcuts
  8. Hiding Custom Groups
  9. Changing the Interface Mode
  10. Final Comments and Credits

Part/Disc 2

Chapter 1: CREATING TABLES (67 min)
  1. Explaining the Datasheet Tab
  2. Entering Data in a New Table
  3. Using a Table Template
  4. Identifying the Entities
  5. Working with Design View
  6. Creating DataTypes
  7. Using Field Validation Rules
  8. Defining Primary Keys
  9. Adding Indexes
  10. Working with Table Relationships
  11. Creating Table Relationships
  12. Defining Multi-Value Field Lookups
Chapter 2: CREATING QUERIES (50 min)
  1. Creating a Select Query
  2. Using Expressions in a Query
  3. Sorting Data
  4. Searching for Data
  5. Selecting Data from Many Tables
  6. Working in Layout View
  7. Working in SQL View
  8. Creating a Crosstab Query
  9. Running Action Queries
  10. Running Update Queries
  11. Using the Query Wizard
Chapter 3: CREATING FORMS (48 min)
  1. Using Quick Create Commands
  2. Exploring Form Types
  3. Navigating within Forms
  4. Using the Form Wizard
  5. Creating a Form from Scratch
  6. Working in Layout View
  7. Working in Design View
  8. Setting Form Properties
  9. Using Form Controls
  10. Using Control Layouts
  11. Applying AutoFormats
  12. Understanding Subforms
Chapter 4: CREATING REPORTS (57 min)
  1. Using the Report Command
  2. Running the Report Wizard
  3. Exploring Report Views
  4. Creating a Report from Scratch
  5. Using Conditional Formatting
  6. Grouping and Sorting
  7. Setting Report Properties
  8. Detailing Your Report
  9. Applying AutoFormats
  10. Adding Subreports
  11. Alternating Record Colors
  12. Filtering in Report View
  13. Creating Labels
Chapter 5: CREATING MACROS (26 min)
  1. Working in Macro Design Mode
  2. Assigning Macro Actions
  3. Setting Macro Arguments
  4. Running an AutoExec Macro
  5. Creating Embedded Macros
  6. Final Comments and Credits